How to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021


You feel energized, with a thousand ideas, and one of these is to start a Gaming channel on Youtube , but now ask yourself, is it worth it?

We know all too well how difficult it is in 2020, with fierce competition, but when you have an idea you have to go through it and certainly not kill it; keep in mind that bringing games to the platform will be a fun and rewarding experience!

Obviously, there are many YouTubers who have chosen to follow your same idea, moving even before you, so overcoming them will not be easy or fast, but if you create a character and you will be able to interact with users you will start with an extra gear.

We have decided to offer you 6 tips to make a difference!

Based on the main difficulties encountered by those who choose to open a Youtube gaming channel, we have decided to create a list of tips, which can also be successfully used for other types of channels.

  1. Find your niche: you have to start from here, perhaps even before evaluating a list of names for the youtube gaming channel, it is advisable to start from the beginning and keep in mind the fact that the number one video platform in the world is none other than a search engine. It works as such and must be interpreted in this way, in fact, any user, whenever he searches for something, types it and hopes to find a video that responds to his curiosity.
    You could also create videos where you show how the flaw in a game was discovered or other issues, it could be that no one has done it yet. Your opinion could always be fundamental and could also be a great success. You can start giving tips on Video gaming Like Counter-Strike, GTA 5.
  2. Find the right ideas: anyone who tries to create a Youtube gaming channel in Italy struggles every day to understand what to offer to the public, this is a very difficult phase, you should take a look at what users are looking for and maybe even the videos that are getting more success and the trend ranking can help!
    Starting with the right ideas is important, the competition is always fierce, but nowadays what really makes the difference is the originality, as well as the way in which you choose to propose video content to the entire community.
  3. Become a reference point of the game you propose: to emerge there is no better way than becoming a sort of authority of the game you are dealing with, so the advice is to find one and create a series of contents about it.
    Youtube could associate your channel with that particular game, making you rise in the rankings for the keywords searched on the topic you are dealing with.
    We know that creating a channel only for a particular game may not appeal to everyone, some YouTubers have done it and it has proved to be a winning move.
    This does not mean that you have to focus only on that, it will also be possible to open a second live Youtube gaming channel, perhaps embracing a new game.
    But the advice is to select another game that does not differ much from that of the first choice.
  4. Watch out for competitors: always keep in mind who are the YouTubers to beat, study their channels and try to understand how they move, what content they bring and how often they publish something different.
    The more elements you collect, the more ideas that will push you to move forward, perhaps creating content that will surprise your audience.
  5. How many times to publish: another point that should be analyzed and discussed. The upload frequency is fundamental, but we note that many still make blunders, to say the least, and obviously, you should do everything to avoid it.
    There are those who sweat it, or create a video and then divide it into many small videos, so as to be able to publish something every day; it is wrong, users will not appreciate this choice, so please put your soul in peace and move on.
    Obviously, take care of the miniatures, you can customize them as you see fit, but do a good job and never forget to create too specific tags, captivating titles and descriptions, We are not talking about clickbait, but descriptive titles, short and complete.
    Learn to watch each posted video as a real opportunity to turn around.
    If someone notices you, you can tell that it was worth it. So learn to involve users by launching the right messages and if you fail at the beginning, don’t be discouraged, it takes time and a lot of perseverance, so work with the utmost calm.
  6. Become part of the community: by bringing a game to your channel and becoming a point of reference, you will become part of the gamer community, leading to great responsibilities.
    In a way, you will have to be able to immerse yourself in this world, be framed as one of them, and at the same time become part of the challenges that are very often created, so bring it to your channel and try to make a difference.
    It will also be interesting to participate in challenges as a couple, so with another person or another YouTuber, this will lead you to have much more visibility and from that moment you will certainly be able to witness the growth of your format.

    Anyone who finds himself on your channel will be able to savour the discovery of news, your content will never be trivial and if you are always present, answering their questions, you will be able to stand out more, so why not take advantage of it?


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