Top Engagement Tips for YouTube Casino Content Creators

Engagement Tips for YouTube Casino Content Creators

When it comes to online casinos, video slots are without a doubt the most popular category of game for players to enjoy. There are many reasons for this. The range of bonus features, flashy graphics and the chance for huge wins makes them easy for anyone to pick up and play. 

The excitement that video slots offer also means they’re perfect for YouTubers and their channels dedicated to playing the games for real money, and filming themselves doing so. Obviously, if you’re going to play a video slot and are looking to create a video slot channel of your own, then you want to play one that offers the best visual experience or one that keeps wins coming regularly. We’re going to go through what you need to look at to find the right slot to play, as well as some of our favourite titles for maximum YouTube engagement.

Game features

The features in a video slot are often what helps them to stand out. If you’re playing a game on your channel that just includes spins and a few pay lines, then it’s not going to grab the required attention. It’s safe to say that if it’s not grabbing your attention, then it’s probably not going to grab the attention of your viewers. In the early days of your channel, the last thing you want to do is bore your viewers. This is why it’s vital to choose a game that has exciting features. 

There are two main points you want to look for here. Firstly, a solid free spins round. If the free spins round is exciting and includes lots of bonus features, then this is sure to provide an element of excitement. These features can include anything from reel modifiers to extra spins being awarded. Reel modifiers are a great part of any YouTube video slot channel — they can make reels wild, increase the size of the reels or increase the number of pay lines. The game can be turned on its head into something completely new, which is perfect for viewer engagement.

Secondly, a good base game feature is great to include. If your free spins round doesn’t pay off, then your content will benefit from a high-quality base game feature. This could include elements such as walking wilds or free re-spins. Either of these can be triggered during the base game, so can hit at any time. This makes every spin an exciting one. 

If you can get one, or in a best-case scenario, both of these included in the game you’re going to play, then it’s a great start. 


This can also be known as ‘volatility’ and comes in three flavours — low, medium or high. It’s pretty simple to understand. A low variance will provide wins on a regular basis, but they won’t be of a high value. A high variance will provide very few wins, but they will be of a much higher value. A medium variance will sit somewhere in the middle of these two positions. 

Basically, you want to try and aim for either a low or a high variance. A low one will keep wins coming along regularly, which means there is something to get the blood flowing on your video. A high one will give you the chance to build up suspense and then you can really go wild when you manage to grab a big win. 

Just as long as you avoid the medium variance and combine this with a game that has exciting features, then you can’t go wrong. 

Top titles to play

So, you’ve considered some of the features and attributes to maximize your channel’s engagement, let’s move on to consider some of the games to include. 

Online casinos have managed to move ahead of land-based casinos over the last few years, and the COVID pandemic has certainly had a helping hand in this. The choice that’s available online is simply incredible — there are thousands of games to enjoy. But, because of the sheer number and variety, it can be hard to find the right games to play on your YouTube channel. We’ve made it easier for you by picking out some of 2021’s most exciting and popular titles. 


Starburst is one of the most popular video slots ever made. There’s a good reason for this. While it doesn’t have a huge amount of pay lines available, it does have a great base game feature. Players are able to grab up to three re-spins per game, which can turn the middle three reels wild and create the chance for some huge wins. It also has a low variance and pay lines that pay both ways, from left to right and vice versa, so wins come along pretty often. 

Any Megaways game with a low or high variance

It might sound obvious, but Megaways games are always lots of fun. They’re called Megaways for a reason — the games that use this particular mechanic offer a huge amount of pay lines. Some of them give players the opportunity to win in over 100,000 different ways on each spin. This obviously creates a massive amount of excitement. It’s also good to look for titles that have high-quality features included as well. This will help to bump the excitement up a level and make things much more fun for your viewers. 

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura is one of the most well-known and well-loved movies of all time. It’s also a very enjoyable video slot. This is a game that will surely grab the attention of visitors to your YouTube page from the off. It includes an incredible number of features. There are base game features that can be applied here. These activate at random, so make every single spin a potentially exciting one. 

On top of this, there is also a free spins round that can also have random modifiers attached. To really put the cherry on top, it uses imagery from the movie itself for symbols, so it looks fantastic. This is a game that is sure to enthral your viewers and, taking all our above hints and tips into account, is sure to help your channel be a success.


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